This page includes work published by the Carbon Leadership Forum and externally-published research papers, articles and books that the Carbon Leadership Forum contributed to.

Published by Carbon Leadership Forum

Mass Timber Prototype Buildings – Report and appendices.  February 2018.

Time Value of Carbon – White paper. Published May 2017.

LCA Model Specifications V1 – Word templates for LCA data collection. Published May 2017.

Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study – Report and Dataset. Published February 2017.

Concrete Product Category Rule – Documents establishing the standard to calculate EPDs. Version 1.1 published February 2013.

Motivating Low-Carbon Construction: Opportunities and Challenges  – White paper. Published January 2011.

Published Externally

Simonen, K. (2015) “Testing Whole Building LCA: Research and Practice”, 2015 AIA/ACSA Intersections Conference, Atlanta, GA, May 13, 2015. Accessible at

Simonen, K., Almufti, Il, Merrifield, S., Strobel, K., Tipler, J. (2015) “Integrating Environmental Impacts as Another Measure of Earthquake Performance for Tall Buildings in High Seismic Zones”, 2015 Structures Congress, April 23-25, Portland, OR. Accessible at

Simonen, K. (2014) Life Cycle Assessment, London, UK: Routledge. Accessible at

Simonen, K. (2014) “Life Cycle Assessment Challenges and Structural Materials,” in Sustainable Structures Symposium, April 17-18, Portland, OR. Accessible at

Court, A., Simonen, K, Webster, M., Trusty, W & Morris, P. (2012), “Linking Next-Generation Performance-Based Seismic Design Criteria to Environmental Performance,” 2012 Structures Congress, March 29-31, Chicago, IL. Accessible at

“Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Buildings Research for Washington State”. K. Simonen, L. Haselbach, E. Oniel, J. Cooper. Delivered to State on September 1, 2012. Accessible at

“Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings-Methodology for Assessing Environmental Impacts” (2012) A. Court, P. Morris, K. Simonen, W. Trusty, M. Webster & J. Heintz. Report prepared in consultation by the Applied Technology Council for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Accessible at

Cooper, J., Fava, J., Simonen, K., Boyd, S., Baer, S. (2012) “Status of North American Life Cycle Inventory Data”, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 16(3), 287-289. Accessible at .

Simonen, K., & Haselbach, L. (2012), “Environmental Product Declarations for Building Materials and Products: U.S. Policy and Market Drivers,” International Symposium on Life Cycle Assessment and Construction, July 10-12, Nantes, France. Accessible at

Simonen, K., Moore, E., Cooper, J. & Sianchuk, R. (2011), “Teaching Building Life Cycle Assessment: LCA in Architecture & Engineering Education,” Building Technology Educators Society Conference, August 4-7, Toronto, ON.

Motivating Low-Carbon Construction: Opportunities and Challenges” White paper for Carbon Leadership Forum. Published January 2011.